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Since opening its doors, Mid-California Truck School has been honored to have put several thousands of safe drivers on the road! We pride ourselves on being able to produce knowledgeable and skilled drivers! We can work with you to accommodate your needs, whether you need more 1 on 1 time, or you have a job and need a flexible schedule for your classes. No matter what your needs are, we will work with you to help you obtain your class A CDL!  

Our Mission

Here at Mid-California Truck School, our mission is simple: To train men & women to be professional & confident yet cautious truck drivers in as short of a time frame as possible. When we are able to determine that a student is ready, and has completed all their federal and local requirements, only then do we go to the DMV to test. Once you have your Class A CDL, we also offer job placement assistance to make sure that you get the full value out of obtaining you CDL. We wish all of our students nothing but the best for their future careers in Truck Driving.

See What People Are Saying

"I was able to go from my Pemit to Class A License in only 15 days!"

"The techniques taught at this school truly make it simple to understand how to control a tractor trailer, and what to look for and understand when doing inspections."

" Driving on the road may seem intimidating at the beginning but they are patient and give you the confidence and knowledge to be a safe and efficient driver"

"Working a full time job, I never thought I would be able to get my Class A, but they worked with my schedule, they even extended their hours when my CDL Appointment was coming up so that I would be prepared, comfortable and confident. Thanks to them I was able to pass on my first try!"



Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get from prospective students.

What is expected when a new student arrives?

We expect the student to be willing to put in full effort and be eager and willing to learn new things. 

How long will it take for me to finish the program?

This is something that depends more-so on the student and how quickly they pick up the things we teach them.

Do you offer training on Automatic Trucks or only on manual?

We offer training on both Automatic & Manual Transmission Trucks. We also offer removal of the Automatic Transmission Restriction!

Do you offer housing for out of town students?

Yes, for an additional fee, there is housing available where out of town students can stay until they finish the program

Do you have a Job Assistance Program?

Yes, we offer job placement assistance, for both local and OTR driving jobs.

Do you provide the tractor trailer for the DMV Test?

Yes, you will be using the school's Tractor Trailer for the DMV Road Test.

What kind of Trucks and Trailers do you guys use?

For testing we use either a Freightliner M2 106 6 Speed Manual Day Cab Tractor with 28' a Dry Van Trailer or an Automatic International Durastar 4400 with 28' Dry Van Trailer. We use  Freightliner FL70 Day Cab Tractors (Manual and Auto available) with 28' Dry Van Trailers.

Do you offer endorsements in your program?

Yes we offer endorsements such as Double/Triples, Tankers & Hazmat to our students.

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